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Group Overview

Golden Concord Holdings Limited (GCL Group) is an energy conglomerate that specializes in new and clean energy, and engages in many related industries. Its main businesses cover electric power, photovoltaic product manufacturing, natural gas, industrial park development, integrated circuit materials, mobile energy, and new ecology of the electric-powered goods industry. It holds assets in various parts of China as well as in Africa, the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and has A-share and H-share listed subsidiaries.


GCL Group has been among the Top 500 Chinese enterprises every year since 2016, ranking between 139th and 176th, the highest among new-energy companies. In 2019, with technological innovation as its core competence, GCL Group ranked highest in its industry on the list of China’s top 100 leading enterprises of strategic emerging industries and, for the first time, made its way into China’s top 500 private businesses (ranking 45th) and China’s top 500 private manufacturing businesses (ranking 24th). With outstanding performance in high-quality green development, GCL Group has achieved brilliant results in exploring the new development path and profound connotations of striving for transformation and upgrading for its diverse business structure by shifting from old growth drivers to new ones.


Dating from 1990, GCL has been following the leadership of CPC and leading green growth with the red genes. In guide of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, GCL acts out the new development philosophies in practice. In the organization, there are 11 CPC committees, 8 CPC branch committees, 109 CPC divisions and 3,000 CPC members. GCL has attached great importance to the pioneer role of Party members and stronghold function of Party organizations. Progress has been continuously made on the Party’s ideas, organizations, principles, regimens and anti-corruption initiative. It is highly motivated in applying the Party’s roadmaps, directions and policies. Education programs around “Two Studies, One Action” run through all Party activities. With the new development philosophies guiding production and operation, GCL’s growth has been infused with strong fresh impetus.


As the pioneer of Chinese power enterprise of diversified ownership, GCL entered the electric power industry with diversified sources of investment, and created numbers of industrial precedents regarding project construction intensity, technological innovation and operational efficiency. Following the trend of global energy revolution, GCL continues to promote the transition of electric power business from traditional to distributed and mobile energy, and transform from a generator to an integrated clean energy service provider. GCL holds power generation installations of various types, such as green thermoelectric, natural gas, PV, wind, biomass and garbage power generations. By the end of 2018, the total installed capacity of PV power station reaches 7,309 MW, and the clean energy capacity accounts for more than 60%.


In the field of intelligent energy, through the smart integration of Energy Internet that connects power network, heat network, natural gas pipe network and information network, GCL has delivered quick response and interconnected deployment of energy micro-grid and regional energy network, with the support of big data and cloud platform. With advantage in distributed energy, “Six-in-One” micro-grid and integrated control platform of power demand side, GCL takes the lead in expanding incremental network distribution and power sales, holding a leading edge of power trading in volume. Many projects are recognized as showcases in new energy micro-grid, incremental power distribution network, multi-energy integrated optimization, and “Internet +” intelligent energy.


GCL owns a completely integrated PV industrial chain that covers silicon material, silicon wafer, cell, module, system integration and PV power station development and operation. It serves as the chairman of the Global Solar Energy Council and the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association. Relying on GCL’s polysilicon production methods and other proprietary & controllable core technologies, it further lessened the power consumption by 64%, and lowered the cost of polysilicon by 90% in 10 years. The production volume and market share of silicon material and wafer maintain industrial leading position for consecutive years. In the field of battery and module manufacturing, since the acquisition of Chaori Solar in 2014, it took GCL three years to rank top ten in the world. GCL actively implements the parallel path of mono and polycrystalline, and leads the PV industry's technological progress and cost reduction through technological research and innovation, cooperation with domestic and overseas facilities and acquisitions, to promote the PV’s grid parity.


Supported by cooperation with China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, GCL deploys in the integrated circuit industry. With the advantage in silicon materials, it takes the lead in China in setting up a 5,000-ton electronic-grade polysilicon production line exclusive for integrated circuit in 2015, and officially launched electronic-grade polysilicon in November 2017, facilitating the international validation and export of the first batch of high-purity silicon material for integrated circuit in July 2018. Meanwhile, GCL actively deploys in semiconductor equipment manufacturing, large-size wafers, silicon-based electronic chemicals and other areas, contributing to the robust advancement of “China Chips”.


Echoing the Belt and Road Initiative and Go Global Strategy, internationalization of GCL has taken initial shape. It has set up branches in over 10 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America with more than 10 power and manufacturing projects deployed, and developed natural gas industrial chain covering natural gas prospect, extraction, storage, transport, all the way to the terminal use and service. The Ethiopia-Djibouti Oil & Gas Project, jointly developed by GCL and Poly Group, is one of the largest energy projects in Belt and Road footprints in Africa, and a major project of capacity cooperation between China & Africa. It has been enlisted as a key project in the Belt and Road Projects Pool by National Development and Reform Commission, and a No. 1 national construction project by Ethiopia and Djibouti. In June 2018, the first barrel of crude oil was produced in East Africa.


Innovation is the all-time primary driver for GCL. Innovation in management, model, culture and other aspects are driven by its technological innovation. With the GCL Central Research Institute and General Design Institute as coordinating bodies, 8 domestic R&D branches as supporting organs, R&D centers in the U.S. and Japan as the assembling points of international research resources, a GCL innovation and research system is now in place. The GCL think-tank consists of 8 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Led by experts from the national Thousand Talents Program and Chinese Academy of Engineering, the research team is made of over 2,500 researchers from home and abroad working in over 70 R&D facilities, including academician workstations, post-doctoral workstations, internationally certified labs and engineering centers. Possessing over 3,000 patents and copyrights, leading or participating in the formulation of over 60 sets of international, national and industrial standards, GCL has filled technological gaps and hit international frontier in various areas.


Sticking to corporate social responsibility and persisting in green development, GCL commits itself to the philanthropic course and engages in disaster and poverty alleviation actions. Up to now, GCL‘s donations had amounted to 265 million. Responding to the national call for precise poverty alleviation, GCL takes an active part in PV poverty alleviation projects by investing in PV power station, from which 42,000 poverty-ridden families have benefited. Furthermore, GCL annually releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report that discloses its economic, environmental and public responsibilities in a spontaneous, timely and complete manner. The clean energy directly or indirectly produced by GCL greatly reduces raw coal consumption and emission of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. GCL propels to build a beautiful China by living the green, low-carbon, cyclical development vision.


He who remembers how he started gets to the end. Adhering to the idea that Bringing Green Power to Life and Focusing on green growth for a sustainable improvement of living environments, abiding by the Corporate Spirit of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Competition, Transcendence, and Core Values of Value-oriented, innovation-driven, striving-based, collaboration-grounded, with the Fundamental Law as management charter, GCL deepens reform in mechanisms and accelerates strategic transformation to be a respectable leading global new and clean energy enterprise, and towards the GCL Dream that Powerful GCL, Prosperous Staff and Complimented by Society.